6 November 2011

Good Habits, Good Student! 

Good habits can be key to gaining some control of your hectic life and having a positive outcome. While establishing good habits is rarely easy, it'll be worth the result while making you a better student and better prepared for life after school.

Go to class; Pay attention

Duh, right? Maybe not as much as you think.  You may be tempted to just tune out or doodle during some o f those monotonous lectures on astronomy. But pay attention and take notes because the more you attentively listen to, the more material will stick in your brain. This will help when it comes time to study for finals-you won't feel as clueless and wonder if you missed class that day.

Get enough sleep
    As you try getting by on just a few hours of sleep per night it will likely have an effect on your academic performance because your ability to pay attention, concentrate and study will be impaired.

    Getting a radically different amount of sleep two days a week will throw off your body's internal clock.

All that to say: get some sleep. It'll keep your immune system stronger and keep your performance high.


    Each day is so hectic that it's often too difficult or too inconvenient to find time to go for a jog or make a trip to the gym.
     If you can get up the willpower to pull your gym shoes on and get a half-hour of exercise . Much to your surprise, you might even feel more energetic once you're done-which can help prepare you for whatever tasks or homework still need to get done. 
     After all, once you're turning your mind back to the textbooks, studies show that both brain activity and development are benefitted by exercise.

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